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How to choose a mattress?

Wondering which mattress to choose - soft, medium or firm? Spring or foam? Is it better to buy a mattress in a store or online? Can you test the mattress? Here we will dispel your doubts about choosing a mattress.
How to choose a mattress?
The edges of the mattress are very important. It is worth paying attention to ensure they are stiff and durable. Find out about their role!
20 kwietnia 2024
Bonnell springs in mattresses conceal many secrets. Despite being non-functional and weak, they are popular due to their low cost.
15 stycznia 2024
Purchase of a mattress for years requires expert knowledge. Check what features a durable mattress, which will last for many years, should have.
5 stycznia 2024
Which mattress doesn't slide on the surface? Are there non-slip covers? Check it out and sleep comfortably.
30 grudnia 2023
Is a thicker mattress better? Are thin mattresses always worse? Check what significance mattress thickness has!
25 grudnia 2023
You have a hip endoprosthesis and don't know what mattress to sleep on? Check what features a mattress for a person with a hip prosthesis should have!
15 grudnia 2023
Just a few years ago, zoned mattresses made an impression on people. Do zones in a mattress really make sense...?
5 grudnia 2023
What functionalities are useful in a mattress for a computer scientist? Why do programmers need to take better care of their spine? Check it out!
30 listopada 2023
Choosing a mattress for the lumbar region can be very simple if you have basic knowledge. Become an expert today!
20 listopada 2023
Find out which mattress is the true king on the market and why. Buy a mattress based on reliable knowledge, straight from the manufacturer.
15 listopada 2023
Creating a mattress for many is like assembling building blocks. A responsible manufacturer designs mattresses for up to a year. How does this process work?
5 października 2023
What should be considered when choosing a foam mattress 160x200? Why is it the perfect mattress for couples? Let's find out!
30 września 2023
Who is a 100x200 foam mattress suitable for? Which mattress to choose from the maze of products?
25 sierpnia 2023
How to choose a foam mattress 90x200? Check who foam mattresses 90x200 are suitable for and which one is worth choosing!
15 sierpnia 2023
What do we need to consider when buying a foam mattress 80x200? Why is it a good mattress for one person? Check it out!
5 sierpnia 2023
Which single mattresses are worth considering? Which type of single mattress should you choose? What size should you choose?
25 czerwca 2023
In small apartments, can a sofa mattress be the only possible choice? But is it really?
10 czerwca 2023
The hotel test allowed to determine one universal mattress firmness for everyone. What was it about and what changes did it bring to the mattress industry?
5 czerwca 2023
Before you buy a new mattress, read our guide to find out what factors affect prices and how to compare different options.
1 czerwca 2023
Are there eco-friendly mattresses? Can you sleep well and still be eco-friendly? Check it out!
25 maja 2023
Do you know how to buy a mattress to finally get a good night's sleep? What key features of a mattress should you consider, and what awaits us in stores?
15 maja 2023
Find out why our mattress is not for you. Be a true tough guy and don't allow yourself to sleep comfortably.
20 kwietnia 2023
Visco foam in a mattress has more disadvantages than advantages. Does visco foam pose a threat to life? What should you know about it?
1 kwietnia 2023
How to choose mattresses for you and your family? Which mattress size to choose for you and for children? Which type of mattress to buy?
10 stycznia 2023
Discover why coconut mattresses are so popular, but also learn about their potential drawbacks.
25 grudnia 2022
Discover the truth about natural mattresses - are they really healthy? Read our article to find out the benefits and drawbacks of natural mattresses.
5 listopada 2022
Jakie cechy posiada najlepszy materac? Jak wybrać najlepszy materac w gąszczu różnorodnych materaców?
25 października 2022
Jak działa memory foam w materacu? Dowiedz się, dlaczego memory foam nie powinno się umieszczać w pierwszej warstwie materaca!
5 października 2022
Materac dla seniora powinien posiadać określone funkcjonalności. Jaki materac dla seniora wybrać, aby był on komfortowy i dobry dla zdrowia?
25 września 2022
Buying a mattress is not an easy process. The right, best mattress must comply with 10 extremely important functionalities.
15 sierpnia 2022