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When buying at ONSEN®, you can count on a favorable discount system, which is based on the foundation of building a community of people who care about healthy and comfortable sleeping. The community around ONSEN® shares its knowledge to help you choose the perfect mattress and pillow that will bring you health and comfortable sleep.

Our satisfied customer can share the referral code with you. You can get a promotional code from one of the ONSEN® Ambassadors, who are primarily the best specialists in medicine, physiotherapy or psychology. Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to buy the best mattresses, pillows and other sleeping accessories at an even lower price, without compromising on their highest quality.

Discount codes

Discount codes come directly from the promotion or newsletter. The conditions of each of the discount codes are individual and each time they apply to specific products. The received discount code is entered in the first field in the basket. Most often, discount codes do not combine with promotions on the website. They also do not apply to sets.

Referral codes

Referral codes are obtained from our satisfied customers. Each referral code is the number of the completed order, and for a certain number of sales with a given referral code, the customer receives a gift from us. The received referral code is entered in the second field in the basket. Referral codes are combined with promotions on the website and are also valid for bundles.

Promo codes

Promotional codes are obtained from ONSEN® Ambassadors, who are usually doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists and other people who care about health and comfort of sleep. Each promo code is generated individually. The received promotional code is entered in the third field in the basket. Promotional codes are combined with promotions on the website, and some of them are also valid for sets.

Big Family Card

The Big Family Card entitles you to an 8% discount on every order you place at ONSEN®. The Big Family Card discount is combined with promotions on the website and also applies to sets.


When placing an order at ONSEN®, you can use all of the above-mentioned codes and promotions, but the total discount on your order cannot exceed 25% of the price that applies without the promotion. If you use promotions and codes that together give more than 25% discount, the system will automatically charge them only up to the maximum amount.
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