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In ONSEN®, you have up to 100 days to return your order. No additional fees.
The ONSEN® expressions are clear and straightforward, making the purchase of a mattress or orthopedic pillow risk-free. We do not charge any fees for returned products. There are no deductions associated with the return. If you make a return, you will receive a 100% refund of the paid amount. Plus, you have a generous 100 days to do so!

No one wants to buy a pig in a poke, especially when it comes to such an important product as a mattress. If you are wondering which mattress to choose, you are probably also considering what might happen if the purchase turns out to be unsuccessful. Can you test and try the mattress in your own bedroom? Can you make a mattress return if needed?

When buying from ONSEN®, you don't have to worry. Test the Osaka Air mattress without restrictions for up to 100 days! Sleep on it, relax, have your morning coffee. Let your kids jump on it, and let your cat and dog play on it. Test the mattress in the comfort of your own bedroom and discover its extraordinary features. If, however, our mattress doesn't suit you, send it back to us, and we'll refund your money. The 100 days for free returns also apply to all other products under the ONSEN® brand, including orthopedic pillows. Everything is based on transparent principles.

1. The "100-day return" offer is available to all customers who purchased Onsen products through the official website - www.onsen.eu - and applies to all products available on the website, including mattresses and orthopedic pillows. In the case of a set purchase, the "100-day return" offer applies only to the entire set. There is no option to return only part of the products included in the set.

2. Returns can be made between the 50th and 100th day after the order is delivered to the customer. In justified cases, a return can be made before the 50th day after prior contact with the Store and obtaining information about such a possibility.

3. The "100-day return" offer is available to individuals only. Purchases made for a company are excluded from the offer. Participation in the "100-day return" program is automatic and does not require any action from the customer.

4. A customer who wants to take advantage of the return option under the "100-day return" offer is obliged to contact the Store and inform about the intention to return. Then, after the Store registers the return, the Consumer should return the product with the proof of purchase and a completed withdrawal form.

5. The shipping costs for the returned product under the "100-day return" offer are covered by the Consumer. The return should be made to the address: ONSEN Sp. z o.o., Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie 71G, 87-100 Toruń, +48 512 999 218. Cash-on-delivery shipments will not be accepted.

6. The Store will refund 100% of the paid amount in accordance with the payment method used by the Consumer within 14 calendar days of receiving the returned product. No additional fees will be charged for this.

7. The offer is valid for an indefinite period, until further notice. In case of withdrawal of the offer, Consumers who made a purchase during its validity retain the right to take advantage of it.

8. ONSEN Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to refuse to use the "100-day trial" offer in case of detecting significant abuse by the Consumer. Abuse includes, in particular, repeatedly ordering products under the same personal data and then returning them, as well as intentionally causing financial losses to ONSEN Sp. z.o.o.


If you have any questions about returns, call
+48 512 999 218


We'll help you with the mattress return!
Transporting mattresses can be difficult due to their weight and size. Responding to customer requests, we have launched the option of a paid mattress pickup through one of our courier companies. You can place an order on the dedicated page: https://onsen.eu/en/return-transport/
The "100-day return" offer is independent of the rights granted to Consumers by applicable law. It does not affect the rights of Consumers arising from Article 34(3) of the Consumer Rights Act, which allows returns within 14 days from the date of delivery. To exercise this right, fill out the withdrawal form or create a declaration on your own, then send the product to our address.

Returned ONSEN® products are not reintroduced into the sale. Nevertheless, we encourage sent products to maintain minimum hygiene standards. Please ensure they are not
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