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Which mattress to choose? What orthopedic pillow is ideal for sleeping? How to sleep when your back hurts? On the sleeping blog run by ONSEN® experts, you will find a lot of substantive information on topics related to sleep and health, including choosing the best sleeping mattress or the perfect orthopedic pillow. Sit back and enjoy reading our blog.
The edges of the mattress are very important. It is worth paying attention to ensure they are stiff and durable. Find out about their role!
20 kwietnia 2024
Osteochondrosis isn't the end of the world! Find out how to protect yourself from it or treat it when it's already bothering you.
15 kwietnia 2024
Discover your patient rights and learn how to effectively take care of your health. Take care of your health with us!
10 kwietnia 2024
Consumer rights provide customers with a lot of entitlements that are worth knowing. Find out how to effectively fight for your rights!
5 kwietnia 2024
Check what can be the cause of pain in the back of the head and how to cure it. Discover effective methods for occipital migraine!
30 marca 2024
Let's not wait for other generations to change the world. The revolution is within our grasp. Let's change the world for the better today!
25 marca 2024
What is kaltschaum? Why is HR foam the best for mattress production? Check it out!
20 marca 2024
Do you have a positive Kernig's sign? Don't wait, consult a doctor immediately!
15 marca 2024
The Age of Aquarius is an interesting philosophical concept. Is it really just another conspiracy theory...?
10 marca 2024
What to do to enchant your bedroom? How to make the bedroom a place full of comfortable and rejuvenating rest? Check it out!
5 marca 2024
Do you sleep on your side? Make sure your new pillow provides you with the perfect sleep! Choose the perfect pillow for your needs.
25 lutego 2024
Back pain during menstruation can be bothersome. However, there are effective remedies that alleviate menstrual pain. Discover them!
20 lutego 2024
Reducing tension in the quadratus lumborum muscle is not difficult when we understand that it functions in coordination with other muscles and the diaphragm.
15 lutego 2024
Check if sleeping without a pillow is healthy. Who should sleep without a pillow, and who definitely should not?
10 lutego 2024
Japanese culture fascinates millions of people. Seiza is one of its elements related to sitting style. What does it mean?
5 lutego 2024
A pillow for a sore neck can be an ideal solution. The key is choosing the right pillow that will genuinely help rather than harm.
30 stycznia 2024
Chronic fatigue is affecting more and more people. Currently, even children and adolescents suffer from it. Check how to recognize and treat it.
25 stycznia 2024
Pillows for flat heads, though popular, are dangerous. In reality, infants should sleep on a flat surface.
20 stycznia 2024
Bonnell springs in mattresses conceal many secrets. Despite being non-functional and weak, they are popular due to their low cost.
15 stycznia 2024
Purchase of a mattress for years requires expert knowledge. Check what features a durable mattress, which will last for many years, should have.
5 stycznia 2024
Which mattress doesn't slide on the surface? Are there non-slip covers? Check it out and sleep comfortably.
30 grudnia 2023
Is a thicker mattress better? Are thin mattresses always worse? Check what significance mattress thickness has!
25 grudnia 2023
Mattresses for elderly people must meet certain standards to truly be helpful for them. The key is to make getting up from the mattress easy for seniors.
20 grudnia 2023
You have a hip endoprosthesis and don't know what mattress to sleep on? Check what features a mattress for a person with a hip prosthesis should have!
15 grudnia 2023
Many people wonder if just a pillow is enough to sleep healthily and comfortably. The answer is ambiguous - it depends!
10 grudnia 2023
Just a few years ago, zoned mattresses made an impression on people. Do zones in a mattress really make sense...?
5 grudnia 2023
What functionalities are useful in a mattress for a computer scientist? Why do programmers need to take better care of their spine? Check it out!
30 listopada 2023
Depression and other mood disorders are serious conditions. They should be treated in consultation with specialists.
25 listopada 2023
Choosing a mattress for the lumbar region can be very simple if you have basic knowledge. Become an expert today!
20 listopada 2023