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Our extraordinary journey began in 2000 when we first encountered memory foam. This innovative substance, originally developed for NASA, immediately gained recognition worldwide. Viscoelastic foam, also known as memory foam, found wide application in mattress and medical equipment production, accompanying us until 2015 when we opened our eyes to the truth.

A turning point came when we had the tremendous pleasure of listening to Simon Sinek's inspiring TEDx talk titled Start with WHY?. From that moment, our CEO, Jacek Ciesielski, began a revolution in the mattress industry and in Polish business. Every product he created and introduced to the market began to take on a completely new dimension. From then on, we began to focus more on customer-centric thinking, based on their needs. This made our products the most functional on the market.

In the process of designing new products, we used the jobs to be done method created by the eminent Professor Clayton Christensen from Harvard Business School. The main idea of this method is to design so that the final product fulfills the tasks for which it was created.

Looking at the pillows and mattresses available on the market, we noticed that they often did not meet basic functions. The shapes of contoured pillows did not adequately support the cervical spine, and the construction of most mattresses generated numerous inconveniences for users.

By focusing on the needs of our customers, we decided to create a series of excellent and functional products that would change the world for the better. Our team today consists of a group of enthusiasts who, starting with WHY?, created the most comfortable products for your bedroom. We are proud that our company has shaped new trends, and the Osaka Air foam mattress has become a iconic choice for every conscious individual. We consistently deliver products that not only meet expectations but far exceed them.
1. Start with WHY?
Because we want to change the status quo of reality through innovative solutions that are solely based on the customer's needs. We are driven by a real sense of mission to help other people, which we have derived from our own experiences and design inspirations.
2. HOW will we achieve our goal?
We start with a project based on collaboration with doctors, physiotherapists, and designers, creating very attractive and user-friendly products.
3. WHAT do we create?
Exceptional mattresses and pillows, so that you can experience truly comfortable sleep, which you may have never experienced before.
Design thinking is the best method for designing mattresses and pillows.
By testing the load that the human body exerts on the mattress, we have made calculations that allowed us to create the perfect resilience, elasticity, and firmness of the mattress, which helps to eliminate pressure points. As a result, we have been able to improve the comfort of people who have chosen to purchase the Osaka Air mattress. For the research, we applied a unique MPM method (Mattress Pressure Mapping), which is a method of mapping pressure points.

Using advanced technologies, we have also solved the problem of body overheating during sleep, which affects almost half of mattress users. Our methods of designing mattresses and pillows will be based not only on ergonomic aspects but also on the complete and effective elimination of potential discomfort associated with temperature, which translates into even better experiences for our customers.
The key to functionality is the jobs-to-be-done method.
We take pride in the fact that we only select the highest quality fabrics and foams from renowned locations in Europe, such as Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, for the production of our mattresses and pillows. Our products are characterized not only by aesthetics but also by very high durability, which is the result of using the highest quality materials. They have an Oeko-Tex certificate attesting to their safety.

We source only European polyurethane foams, which are a key element of our products, using proprietary formulations developed by our team of specialists. Our goal is to create unique and unparalleled comfort experiences for our customers. The HR and V foams we use are characterized by precisely defined parameters and are also CertiPUR certified to meet the highest standards, ensuring unparalleled experiences when using mattresses. Out of respect for our customers, we do not use T foams, which are not durable and functional.

We emphasize our commitment to safety and health of customers, which is why our products are created only from excellent, fully tested and hypoallergenic components of European origin. This not only ensures high quality but also cares for the comfort and safety of our customers, meeting the highest European standards. Our products not only reflect our passion for excellence but also demonstrate our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality products.
Close to 50% of memory foam mattress users complain about body overheating during sleep. The functional Osaka Air foam mattress fully solves this problem.
Our functional Osaka Air mattress has been meticulously designed in every detail, with attention to detail. Its purpose is to deliver the highest level of comfort and support to meet the needs of users and solve their problems. Each layer of this mattress serves a specific function, and the order of their arrangement has been carefully planned to achieve optimal results.

The first layer is designed to provide appropriate firmness and support for the body, including the spine. The next layer is responsible for contouring the body and evenly distributing weight, aiming to eliminate pressure points and provide excellent support balance across the entire mattress surface. 

The subsequent layers of materials used in the unique construction of the Osaka Air mattress have been chosen with temperature regulation in mind, as well as ensuring its stable placement on the bed or other surface. This allows the mattress to maintain an optimal body temperature, eliminating the feeling of overheating and contributing to a peaceful sleep.

Each element of this foam mattress has been composed to create a comprehensive and harmonized structure, providing the user not only with body support but also with a safe and relaxing sleep environment. Our careful selection of materials and precision in designing each mattress layer aims to offer a mattress that meets expectations in terms of functionality while also providing unparalleled comfort during sleep.
We create for people, not for shops!
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