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Standard pillow - how to choose the right one and avoid mistakes?

15 November 2022
Jasiek for sleeping, a pillowcase, sleeping on the side, a comfortable pillow

A standard pillow is a popular product that almost everyone has. It typically measures 40 centimeters in width on each side, making it square-shaped. The popularity of the standard pillow has remained consistently high for years.

In everyday use, the standard pillow is not typically used as the primary pillow for most people, but rather as a stylish addition to the bedroom. Sometimes, it even serves as a cuddly toy. Its use is limited only by our imagination.

From the perspective of human physiology, the standard pillow can serve a very important function in the bedroom. However, this is not obvious to many of us, and not everyone will be able to benefit from it.

Jasiek for sleeping, a pillowcase, sleeping on the side, a comfortable pillow

Standard pillow – functions

Although a standard pillow should not typically be used as a pillow for the head, it can be very useful for people who sleep on their side. Placed between the knees, a standard pillow can prevent excessive adduction of the limbs, keeping them in a physiologically correct position.

By using a standard pillow in this way, the legs are positioned correctly, and with the additional use of a high-quality, highly elastic mattress, this allows for sleeping with the spine in a straight line. This is crucial not only for people suffering from hip pain or spinal conditions, but also provides an ideal prevention of health conditions.

Jasiek for sleeping, a pillowcase, sleeping on the side, a comfortable pillow

Standard pillow – filling

From the times of the Polish People's Republic, many of us continue to have a love for standard pillows filled with down, feathers, and even wool. On the market, you can also find fillings made of cotton and other organic materials, including even buckwheat hulls or cherry pits.

However, with the development of science and increasing consumer awareness, this trend is changing. This is due to the fact that more and more of us already have knowledge about how the porous structure of natural materials affects their properties, especially in terms of absorbing moisture and developing allergenic and potentially harmful microorganisms.

The disadvantages of standard pillows with such filling are similar to the disadvantages of natural mattresses, which we have written about many times on our health and sleep blog. It is worth noting that in addition to the undesirable porous structure, they often contain residues of pesticides and herbicides. The most commonly found is glyphosate, which has been proven to be carcinogenic.

Currently, the most commonly found standard pillows have interiors made of synthetic fibers and granules, primarily polyester and silicone. Sometimes, they also contain acrylic. Their covers often contain lyocell or Tencel, commonly known as artificial silk.

The most durable standard pillows are definitely those with polyester filling in the form of granules, as well as polyester fibers coated with a layer of silicone. Additionally, they are completely hypoallergenic and fit the shape of the head perfectly, supporting the natural position of the cervical lordosis.

Standard pillows filled with lyocell and acrylic are less resistant to deformation. Moreover, this type of filling does not provide the proper level of thermal insulation and is not hygroscopic, especially in the case of acrylic, which is commonly used as a filling for cheap standard pillows, and often also as a material for their covers.

Orthopedic pillow, sleeping pillow, sleeping on the back, sleeping on the side

Standard pillow – pillowcase

Pillowcases for standard pillows are made from various textile materials. Cotton and similar products are increasingly being abandoned, and filaments are used more and more frequently. Currently, synthetic fabrics are most commonly used in standard pillows.

The cheapest standard pillows often have pillowcases made of acrylic, which is inexpensive to produce and therefore widely used. More expensive ones, on the other hand, are made of polyester, viscose, or lyocell. In the best standard pillows, these fibers are mixed appropriately, allowing for optimal use of the properties of each.

However, attention should be paid not only to the material from which the textile is made but also to its origin and properties determined by certificates, such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The quality parameters of the textile material are also very important, especially its weight.

Therefore, the classic pillowcases for all ONSEN® pillows are made of multi-directional elastic fabric with a high weight of up to 450 g/m2, which can be easily removed and washed according to the instructions on the care label.

Jasiek for sleeping, a pillowcase, sleeping on the side, a comfortable pillow

A special mention deserves the Skin+ fabric, which is a completely unique solution. Its creation is the result of the joint work of BekaertDeslee company with Bekaert Deslee Academy, Devan Chemicals, and ProDigest - a biotech company originating from the renowned University of Ghent.

The dosage of the probiotic contained in the Skin+ textile material is comparable to the effect obtained by using high-quality cream every day. Production of carotenoids by bacteria starts from the first use.

Night cream, carotenoids, skin care, peeling, face mask, rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle treatment

Standard pillow – health

Special attention should be paid to the fact that a sleeping pillow, called "jasiek" in Polish, is not suitable for stomach sleepers. These people tend to rotate their head to the side during sleep, and an additional elevation of the pillow can cause excessive neck retraction. Such people should not use pillows at all, or alternatively, opt for very low sleeping pillows.

A sleeping pillow, placed under the head, is not recommended for people who pay attention to comfort and proper support of the body and spine during sleep. Only an orthopedic pillow with the appropriate properties can help in the prevention, treatment, or rehabilitation of spinal disorders.

The best orthopedic pillows available on the market, also available in Skin+ innovative technology pillowcases, are:
As for sleeping pillows, the classic Skin+ pillow is ideal and is available in several popular sizes. It is perfect as one of the pillows used at night, but also during daytime naps. It is available in the following sizes:
Like the Osaka Air mattress, all other ONSEN® products are designed using the design thinking methodology and can be tested at home without any restrictions. They are covered by a program that allows for a 100-day return policy, minimizing any purchase-related risks.

We also encourage you to explore other articles on the best sleep and health blog, as well as the Encyclopedia of Healthy Sleep prepared by the ONSEN® team of specialists. For those who care about spine health, we recommend a set of spine exercises prepared by our physiotherapist.
Returning a pillow, consumer rights, 100 days for a test, online mattresses, a sleeping bag

FAQ: Standard pillow

Which sleeping pillow is the best?

The best sleeping pillow should have a insert made of high-quality synthetic materials that guarantee its hyperallergenicity. The pillowcase of the best sleeping pillow is made in the Skin+ technology or from a multi-directionally elastic material that is a combination of cotton and polyester.

What sleeping pillow doesn't break?

As a rule, a sleeping pillow with an insert made of polyester covered with a layer of silicone should not break. In addition to the filling of the pillow, its cover and the quality of the entire product are also very important. Therefore, before buying a sleeping pillow, you should get acquainted with reliable knowledge about them.

What kind of pillow is suitable for sleeping on the stomach?

Stomach sleepers should not use pillows of any kind. However, if they decide to use them, they should choose a bed that is as small and low as possible. In this way, they will prevent excessive protraction of the head, reducing the risk of injury to the cervical spine.

What are the dimensions of the sleeping pillow?

A standard sleeping pillow is sold in the size of 40x00, which means that its size on each side is 40 centimeters. On sale you can also find sleeping pillows in sizes 40x60 and 70x80, as well as less popular non-standard sizes.

Is the buckwheat sleeping jassie healthy?

No. Pillow for sleeping should not have buckwheat filling. Buckwheat hull used as an insert for pillows is most often subjected to chemical treatments to extend its durability. In addition, the porous structure of buckwheat hulls is an ideal place for the development of harmful microorganisms and absorbs moisture. As a result, a sleep pillow with buckwheat filling can turn into a kind of biological bomb over time.

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