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The Skin+ fabric contains nanocapsules with the patented probiotic Bacillus indicus PD01. The friction that occurs between the body and the fabric opens them, allowing the probiotics to multiply and produce carotenoids, which are powerful antioxidants. These carotenoids are then attracted to the skin.


Carotenoids are natural antioxidants known for protecting human skin from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. They help prevent skin cell damage caused by aging. They stimulate the regeneration of individual skin cells, which has a beneficial impact on moisture levels, as well as the softness and smoothness of the skin.
Probiotyki zawarte w dzianinie Skin+ wytwarzają naturalne karotenoidy, które docierają do skóry i mogą zastąpić krem na noc. Nawet wtedy, gdy dzieli je warstwa materiału.


The dosage of the probiotic contained in the Skin+ fabric is comparable to the effect achieved by using a carotenoid cream every night. Pillows made with Skin+ technology are considered anti-aging pillows by many women, allowing for effective skin rejuvenation. The nanocapsules with probiotics strongly adhere to the fabric fibers and can withstand up to 20 washes at a temperature of 40°C.


The Skin+ technology is the result of intensive collaboration between ProDigest, Bekaert Deslee Academy, and Devan Chemicals. ProDigest is a company that originated from the University of Ghent and was the winner of the prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award for life sciences companies. This technology has been patented, and its effectiveness has been clinically proven.
Korzystna rola karotenoidów została udokumentowana i potwierdzona w wielu badaniach naukowych. Wpływają regenerująco i odżywiająco na skórę.
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