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Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions related to the best mattresses, orthopedic pillows and sleeping accessories!
Are ONSEN® orthopedic pillows suitable for people with shallow cervical lordosis?
Yes! ONSEN® orthopedic pillows have been designed for people with reduced cervical lordosis. They allow you to restore the proper shape of the cervical spine during sleep, which, with the abolished cervical lordosis, is a very important element of recovery.
Can I really return the mattress before 100 days?
Yes! ONSEN® products, including mattresses, can be tested without restrictions in the comfort of your own bedroom for up to 100 days. During this time, you can return it to us and we will send the received money.
Can I sleep on ONSEN® orthopedic pillows if I don't have problems with spine?
Yes! ONSEN® orthopedic pillows are first-class medical products that serve not only people in need of orthopedic help, but also prophylaxis. ONSEN® orthopedic pillows guarantee longer maintenance of a healthy spine by providing it with adequate support during sleep.
Do ONSEN® orthopedic pillows have a outer cover?
Yes! Each ONSEN® orthopedic pillow sold is sent in a pillowcase. The type of pillowcase depends on the customer's choice - it can be a standard pillowcase or made of the innovative Skin+ material. You should sleep directly on this pillowcase. It is equipped with a zipper, which allows you to remove it and wash it at a temperature of up to 40°C.
Does ONSEN® offer a mattress topper?
Yes! ONSEN® offers the best Airflow Mesh 3D mattress topper on the market, whose innovative structure allows for a significant increase in sleep comfort.
Does ONSEN® offer a topper mattress?
Not! Topper mattresses are something we at ONSEN® oppose. They are not able to fully compensate for the lack of comfort caused by your mattress. Often, after purchasing a topper mattress, it is necessary to replace the mattress, because it does not meet the expectations of consumers. This, in turn, makes its purchase unprofitable.
Does the Skin+ material really benefit the skin?
Yes! Microcapsules with the Bacillus Indicus PD01 probiotic contained in the Skin+ fabric force the production of carotenoids - natural antioxidants that prevent cell damage caused by aging. They stimulate the regeneration of individual skin cells, which has a beneficial effect on the level of hydration, as well as the softness and smoothness of the skin.
Is it possible to ship ONSEN® products abroad?
All ONSEN® orthopedic pillows, pillowcases and accessories are sent by DPD courier to countries such as: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary.

In the case of a mattress, it is possible to send it abroad by transport organized by the recipient after sending us a waybill for printing. If the shipment takes place to a country where the shipment may be burdened with customs and tax fees, these must be paid by the person ordering the goods. Please contact us directly for details.
Is the Osaka Air mattress a thermoelastic mattress?

Yes and no. A traditional thermoelastic mattress has a layer of visco polyurethane foam, i.e. memory foam, as the first top layer. This causes the sleeping person to be sucked into the mattress. The result is overheating and sweating of the body, limiting movement and the ability to change the sleeping position. In the Osaka Air mattress, thermoelastic foam is the second layer. Thanks to this, we use its advantages, but we have eliminated its disadvantages!

Is the Osaka Air mattress for everyone?
Yes! The universal Osaka Air mattress is a highly elastic mattress with optimally selected hardness, density and thickness of individual layers. This mattress properly supports the body of every person and provides him with perfect support for the spine. It is not dependent on the weight of the user. It is a myth that a slim person should sleep on a soft mattress referred to as H1, and a heavier person on a hard mattress referred to as H4. The number of support points in these people is different, and in the end they exert pressure on the mattress in a very similar way.
Should my skin be in direct contact with Skin+?
Yes! To get the maximum benefit from the Skin+ material, the skin should be in direct contact with the fabric. Do not use additional pillowcases, as they will make it difficult for the microcapsules with the probiotic to reach the surface of the skin.
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