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What is the best pillow for a dowager's hump?

8 January 2022
Pillow for dowager's hump, orthopedic pillows, best pillows, pillow store
The pillow for dowager's hump is a very important element in combating this condition. Its task is to provide adequate support for the cervical spine, so that it remains in a natural position during sleep. Hence, the pillow for dowager's hump, although not completely eliminating the dowager's hump, plays a crucial role in its treatment and rehabilitation.

When choosing a pillow for dowager's hump, its functionality should be taken into account. It should have appropriate features that make it the best choice. One of the most important features of the best pillow for dowager's hump is its comfort and ergonomics.

Among the most important features to verify when purchasing a pillow for dowager's hump is, first and foremost, the material from which it is made and the production technology used. It determines the pillow's firmness, elasticity, and air circulation.
Pillows for dowager's hump, orthopedic pillow, good pillows, pillow store

What shape of pillow for a dowager's hump?

The ideal shape of the pillow for dowager's hump should allow for comfortable adoption of sleeping positions, both on the back and on the side. Therefore, the pillow for dowager's hump should be an ergonomic pillow with appropriate contouring. It is crucial for it to have profiled notches for the shoulders.

A well-chosen shape of the pillow for dowager's hump will maintain the cervical spine in a physiological position throughout the night. Additionally, a well-designed pillow for dowager's hump will provide support for the head, avoiding its protraction and retraction.

An appropriately selected contoured pillow for dowager's hump made of highly functional materials will maintain a proper, anatomical body posture during sleep, ensuring a fully comfortable rest and significantly counteracting potential unpleasant discomfort related to the spine. It is worth paying attention to these aspects when choosing your pillow for dowager's hump.
Pillow for dowager's hump, orthopedic pillows, best pillows, pillow store

What is the pillow for a dowager's hump made of?

When choosing a pillow for dowager's hump, special attention should be paid to the material it is made of. Most orthopedic pillows on the market are made of viscoelastic foam, also known as memory foam. Although they are marketed as suitable pillows for dowager's hump, in reality, these are products that should not be used or recommended for anyone.

Such pillows for dowager's hump are very sensitive to temperature and pressure. This causes the head to sink and perspire excessively in summer, which significantly reduces support for the cervical spine. In winter, this type of polyurethane foam may become simply too firm for sleeping.

It is also worth noting that, contrary to misinformation spread by many sellers, polyurethane is always a polymer, specifically an ester-amide derivative of carbonic acid. This applies to all foams, including memory foam, and it relies on the mixing of these few ingredients that foam and solidify. The type of foam we get for the pillow depends mainly on their proportions. There are no other foams than polyurethane foams, and it's essential to emphasize this.

Currently, the best material for producing a pillow for dowager's hump is open-cell polyurethane foam of HR type, known as highly elastic foam, which perfectly contours to the body and does not change its shape under the influence of temperature. Additionally, it is extremely important for the core of the pillow for dowager's hump to be molded from anatomical forms, not cut out. This production method allows for the reflection of the natural curves of the spine and the necessary contouring.
Pillows for dowager's hump, sleeping pillow, travel pillows, pillow manufacturer

What significance does ventilation have in a pillow for a dowager's hump?

A suitable pillow for dowager's hump must stand out from the rest with good ventilation. This is ensured only by high-quality open-cell HR foam, which allows for unrestricted air circulation throughout the night. A pillow made from this foam will perfectly contour to the body's shape of the person lying on it while preventing the pillow from sinking. Moreover, the cells of this foam remain open, allowing air to move effectively within it.

In contrast to pillows made from other materials, which often block the airflow, a pillow made of highly elastic foam effectively and noticeably reduces the problem of night sweating. As a result, users of the pillow for dowager's hump can enjoy a peaceful sleep without experiencing discomfort due to feeling stuffy or overheated. Maintaining proper ventilation helps prevent the development of microorganisms and allows for the removal of excess moisture, contributing to significantly better hygienic conditions of the orthopedic pillow.

Especially in pillows made from viscoelastic foam, cell closure occurs due to their sinking under the influence of temperature. This, in turn, blocks air circulation and hinders the removal of moisture from the pillow. The result is overheating of the head and neck, which, in many cases, leads to night sweats and sometimes even the development of insomnia.
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How do pillows for a dowager's hump differ?

Currently, there are four types of the best pillows for dowager's hump available on the Polish market, and they are all fully functional and comfortable. The differences between them arise from the need to adjust their dimensions and shapes to the users. They are designed for both side and back sleepers.

Produced in Poland, the best orthopedic pillows for dowager's hump are: Thanks to the assistance of renowned specialists with orthopedic and neurological knowledge, as well as a team of physiotherapists and psychologists actively participating in the design thinking process, all of them provide the highest comfort. Their design and construction guarantee perfect body support and spine support, allowing for the limitation of the development of the condition and supporting the treatment of dowager's hump and other disorders. For individuals with sleep apnea using CPAP machines, we recommend the CPAP orthopedic pillow offered by Dr. Sapporo.
Treatment of dowager's hump requires a comprehensive approach.
In addition to having the pillow for dowager's hump, a holistic approach is very important for this condition, which includes taking care of the appropriate foam mattress. A good foam mattress significantly and noticeably improves sleep hygiene by allowing optimal body support in a physiological position and supporting the spine.

With the focus on customer satisfaction and ethical approach in business, ONSEN® offers its customers the option of free returns within 100 days of product delivery, which eliminates any potential risks associated with online purchases.

We also encourage you to explore other articles on the best sleep and health blog, as well as the Encyclopedia of Healthy Sleep prepared by the ONSEN® team of specialists. For those who care about spine health, we recommend a set of spine exercises prepared by our physiotherapist.
Pillow for dowager's hump, orthopedic pillows, best pillows, pillow store

FAQ: Pillow for a dowager's hump

What is the best pillow for a dowager's hump?

The best pillow for a dowager's hump is an orthopedic pillow made of high-resilience, open-cell HR foam. Currently, the best pillows for a dowager's hump are Yoko, Asana, Enso and Hiro. The specific choice of a pillow for a dowager's hump depends on the weight and body structure of the individual user.

How does a pillow for a dowager's hump support its treatment?

A pillow for a dowager's hump supports its treatment by placing the cervical spine in a physiological position and providing the appropriate shoulder contour. This helps maintain the correct body alignment during sleep, which contributes to the rehabilitation of the dowager's hump.

Does a pillow for a dowager's hump allow for straightening it?

Yes and no. A pillow for a dowager's hump supports the therapeutic process and plays a significant role in correcting postural issues. However, it cannot be the sole method of treatment. Besides using a pillow for a dowager's hump, one should also undergo physiotherapeutic treatments, and in advanced cases, consider surgical intervention.

Is a memory foam pillow suitable for a dowager's hump?

No. A memory foam pillow is not suitable for a dowager's hump. This type of pillow sinks during sleep, causing a change in the alignment of the cervical spine, which does not maintain it in a physiological position. Additionally, this type of foam does not provide adequate ventilation, often resulting in sweating of the head and neck during sleep.

What else besides a pillow for a dowager's hump will help in its recovery?

In addition to using a pillow for a dowager's hump, it is essential to undergo appropriate rehabilitation with the help of a physiotherapist. It is also important to change habits and postures. Having a mattress that provides optimal body support and spinal support is also crucial.

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