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Healthy body and mind

Back pain keeping you up at night? Suspect you might have depression? Here you'll find practical health tips, including prevention and treatment. We approach these issues holistically. We discuss common spine conditions such as discopathy, degeneration, sciatica, or reduced cervical lordosis, as well as other issues related to somatic and mental health.
Healthy body and mind
Back pain during menstruation can be bothersome. However, there are effective remedies that alleviate menstrual pain. Discover them!
20 February 2024
Reducing tension in the quadratus lumborum muscle is not difficult when we understand that it functions in coordination with other muscles and the diaphragm.
15 February 2024
Japanese culture fascinates millions of people. Seiza is one of its elements related to sitting style. What does it mean?
5 February 2024
Chronic fatigue is affecting more and more people. Currently, even children and adolescents suffer from it. Check how to recognize and treat it.
25 January 2024
Mattresses for elderly people must meet certain standards to truly be helpful for them. The key is to make getting up from the mattress easy for seniors.
20 December 2023
Depression and other mood disorders are serious conditions. They should be treated in consultation with specialists.
25 November 2023
Currently, a weighted blanket is a popular product that many people use without thinking. Is it worth it...?
20 October 2023
What is the difference between sleep paralysis and nightmares? How to overcome it, and why is it a recurring theme in horror?
10 October 2023
Adaptogens are becoming increasingly popular. What should one know about adaptogens to harness their power effectively?
20 September 2023
What is myoclonus? Should you be afraid of it? Check it out and don't worry about your health anymore.
15 September 2023
Is there one effective, brilliant way to deal with a runny nose? Find out what works best for you. Choose a method for treating a runny nose.
5 September 2023
Many people experience Lasègue's symptom without knowing what it is really about. Check if you are at risk of health disorders!
20 August 2023
High cortisol is not our ally. Too much cortisol can lead to health disorders. How to prevent it?
30 July 2023
Night sweats can be bothersome. The key to reducing night sweating is proper sleep hygiene. What should you pay attention to?
20 July 2023
Severe headaches can have many causes. However, many of them can be overcome, allowing you to reclaim your life. Find out how to deal with headaches!
10 July 2023
Back pain doesn't have to dominate your life. Learn today the ways to prevent and treat back pain!
5 July 2023
What are the causes of night sweats? Find out how to treat them and what to sleep on when night sweats become bothersome.
30 June 2023
Psychosomatics is the mutual influence of the body and mind on functioning. It is also associated with sleep. How is that the case?
30 May 2023
Sleep apnea affects more and more Poles. What are the causes of sleep apnea and what does it lead to? How to treat sleep apnea?
10 May 2023
What is a spinal disc and how to take care of it? Can a protruding disc be cured?
5 May 2023
Can intervertebral disc protrustion be prevented? What are the causes of a herniated disc and how can it be treated?
25 April 2023
What causes intervertebral disc herniation and how to prevent it? What are the risk factors and treatment methods for a herniated disc?
15 April 2023
Learn about what an intervertebral disc is, the most common diseases associated with it, and the treatment methods available. Discover how to prioritize your health and comfort.
5 April 2023
Natriuretic peptide is an important neurohormone. What is the function of natriuretic peptide? What are the effects of deficiency and excess of natriuretic peptide?
15 March 2023
Testosterone is one of the more important androgens. What is the purpose of testosterone? What are the effects of testosterone deficiency and excess?
28 February 2023
Do you know how diabetes affects sleep and what to do to control it? Learn about the symptoms of diabetes and ways to deal with insomnia.
25 February 2023
Calcitonin is one of the most important thyroid hormones. What is the function of calcitonin in our body? What are the effects of calcitonin deficiency and excess?
20 February 2023
Neck spine pain can have many causes. What are its symptoms? How to cure neck and shoulder pain?
15 February 2023
Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is a hormone of the pituitary gland. What is follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) used for? What are the effects of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) deficiency and excess?
30 January 2023

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